This web app assists users in discovering suitable exercise routines, making it easier to start new fitness activities. It offers guidance, interactive examples, and information to support users in their exercise journey. Additionally, the app promotes incorporating short routines, even as brief as 5 minutes, into busy schedules.


CareerFoundry, Student Project


UX Design, Research, UI Design, Brand Guidelines, Logo Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Iconography, Mock Ups


Figma, Photoshop, After Effects


Use link below for shortcut to the prototype. Opens in separate window.


User Flows

Initial user research and persona was included in the brief, so user flows are drafted based on supplied user stories.

“As a new user, I want to learn about different exercises, so that I can figure out what is best for me.”
“As a frequent user, I want to be able to share routines with my friends who may also be interested, so I can encourage them to become healthier.”


The initial basic wireframes were really helpful for finding problems with the app. Since we're offering a wide range of activities, it's important to have good filtering options so users can easily choose exercises they like. But, because the app is meant to introduce new activities, we also need to make sure the search results are manageable without limiting the variety of exercises available.

Further, we want to help the user gets a wide enough variety of exercises. According to health experts, our users should be covering 4 major categories; Aerobic, Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Dividing the exercises into these 4 categories makes selecting new activities easier, and a strong emphasis on these will help the user establish a varied routine.

Exercise Browser

First sketches had a simple scroll function with an image accompanied by text for each exercise. The mid fidelity wireframes introduces a card design for each exercise where the category is clearly labelled. There is also a bottom navigation bar.

Favourites Browser

The browser gets a horizontal scroll bar when user has favourited activities, but this does not allow proper emphasis on the different categories. In the mid fidelity wireframes, the favourites has a separate screen with all categories visible, and bot vertical and horizontal scroll for browsing.


The app's core aim is to promote healthy habits by introducing new exercises that align with busy schedules. Emphasising positivity and motivation is key, while avoiding an overly intense fitness focus. The primary audience, young professionals, necessitates a professional and respectful tone, free from infantilisation.

Style Guide

Based on the mood board and initial wireframes, I developed a comprehensive style guide for the project. This style guide serves as the foundational framework for my design direction.

High Fidelity Wireframes

The wireframes have undergone final design iterations, with a strong emphasis placed on achieving both consistency and the incorporation of efficient and intuitive user interaction gestures.

Landing Page and Log In

Browser and Filter



Responsive Design

The application has been designed to accommodate various breakpoints, thereby ensuring a consistent user experience across different devices. One of the most noticeable differences is the permanent placement of filters on the desktop version, and managing the column count to avoid visual clutter and overload.